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When Feeling Stuck

Sometimes I forget I’m surrounded
   by whirl, forget the earth’s turning,
     forget our galaxy’s spiraling nature.
   But it helps me today to remember myself
as swirl, from the whorl in my fingerprints
   to the curl in my hair to the twirl in my step
     as I move through the rooms of a house
       that somehow feels solid and stable. It helps
     to think of the day as a twist,
   an infinite trip on a mobius strip,
and suddenly stuck isn’t quite so stuck,
   and whatever in me is wedged
     isn’t quite so wedged, and I become more
       like a starry night, ethereal, dreamlike,
     as I start to recall the joy in the spinning,
   the freedom in the churning,
and I open again to a magic that invites me to play
   far beyond the frame.

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One Stuck

this infinite book of life

and me still re-reading

chapter one

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Ring around the rosie
pocket full of posies
ashes ashes
we all fall down

Sing around the secret
pockets full of deep debt
credit, credit
we all fall down.

Spring around the danger
prayers full of anger
rifle, rifle
we all fall down.

Dance around each other
foes instead of lovers
righteous, righteous
we all fall down.

Swimming through the darkness
choosing to be heartless
tight fist, tight fist,
we all fall down.

Pointing with our fingers
blame and guilt and whimper
ashes, ashes
we all fall down.

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