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In the glass case

is a necklace

with 5,000 stone beads

all drilled and strung

over a thousand years ago

and I think of the man

whose hands did the work—

how he chose not just

to survive, but to make

something beautiful.

I think of your hands,

of the choices

they make,

quiet nights,

all around us,

so much beauty.



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Thirty thousand years before the Stone Age,
someone made a bracelet of chlorite.
In the sun, the same sun that we know,
the bracelet glittered and reflected the rays.
In the night, just as dark and steep
as our night, the bracelet cast a deep shade
of green. Green, even then, was the color
of growth and new life. And the bracelet,
say the scientists, would have been worn
as protection from evil spirits. Not much has changed,
really, though the Denisovan people are long,
long gone from the caves in Siberia, gone
from the planet forever. But I think of how they,
like the homo sapiens, were moved
to make beauty. How they, too, perhaps stood
outside on a clear spring night
and felt the wind, the bright slap of the stars,
the possibility that art might save us.


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