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There is only one reason.
Of course, I do not recall
what it is. I am too distracted

recalling the tune to a chant
I heard yesterday, nine notes
that now float incessantly through

all other thoughts, so that
while making pasta or making
the bed, while drinking sake

or sitting quietly or answering
the question Why, there they are,
nine notes, stringing like garland

on the mind’s door, decorating
every thought with a rising, a soaring,
a lingering high before the tune falls, the resolve,

oh oh oh oh aaaa, oh oh ooooh oh,
festooning each breath, as if the only
reason to inhale at all is to

sing it once again, nine notes,
oh oh oh oh aaaa, oh oh oooh oh …
and there is, I am sure,

something else I am supposed
to oh oh oh oh aaaa, um say.

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