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One Indestructible



just when the sledgehammer of no

takes its best shot,

finding in me an invincible yes

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Saying yes to too many things at once

is like eating dark chocolate truffles one

after another after another. The first


is infused with wild raspberry, which leads

to a caramel truffle with fleur de sel, which leads

to two smooth champagne truffles, which leads


to a tummy ache, bittersweet. My calendar

has a tummy ache. Its numbered squares

are filled in with rows of rich invitations…


a book club infused with Louise Erdrich

and Sauvignon Blanc, a meditation retreat

handcrafted with extra silence, a trail run


through aspen groves filled with silky light.

How could I pass on any of these delights?

Saying yes to too many things at once


is like crossing a remote border at midnight,

and though your pulse races with the thrill,

you have no idea if you will ever know


what home means again. Saying yes

to too many things at once is in fact

a disguise for saying no. No to openness,


no to spontaneity, no to whatever surprise

might have found its way into the vacant

possibility of that deliciously empty square.

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