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Nothing happened today

as I sat for five minutes in the dark,

but all day I could feel the everywhere of it,


even as the car was sliding sideways down the hill,

even as my daughter wept, even as my singing group

laughed until we cried, I could feel it still there,


the silence that holds up all sound, the stillness

that cradles all motion, the peace that supports

every disaster, the blue sky behind the clouds.

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Love Poem



in the snowstorm

finding the spaces between the flakes

where it’s clear

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A Passing Truce




Beside the fire, inside

the dark, and lost amidst

the tide of thoughts,

there is a momentary warmth

that steeps into our every inch

and make us doubt

that we could ever feel

sharp cold again—

the mind, thus warmed,

forgets to quarrel and simply

nestles closer—and the dark itself

comes nearer by and we

lean in together.

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Dear __________,




You are warmly invited to join our conspiracy of joy,

a growing cabal of strangers and friends who collude

to create delight, who initiate random acts of bliss, who

scheme of ways to help all others find authentic jubilance,

who tear down walls that would separate us and them.

If you enjoy such subterfuge, there certainly is room

for you. To be clear, you may be charged with pleasure,

ecstasy, and truth. Next meeting, now. And now. And now

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And Every Step I’ll Remember




Peace, be

the stone

in my shoe

I cannot


and cannot


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…in a time seemingly hellbent on hate? That’s what Phil Woods and I both explored through poems last week in our responses to Charlottesville. Please check out the poems today in the Colorado Independent. To read them, click news poetry. And please, if you are up for it, write a response. We need more conversations about what’s happening.


All the best,



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And there, on the to do list,

somewhere beneath “post office”

and above “pay the bills” is a single word


not yet crossed out. “Peace.”

You’ve written it in ink, as if

to offer it permanence,


an urgency that can’t be erased.

Every day, you look at it,

wondering if this is the day


that goodwill will come as easily

as changing the burned-out lightbulbs

or taking the garbage out.


You almost stop believing

you will ever cross it off.

After a while, it might seem


just like any other thing

you write on your list, then ignore—

like clean beneath the piano


or organize the garage.

But then the news will shake you,

will render your duties


small. And you’ll write it in

at the top of the list

in all caps, underlined in blue,


PEACE, not something to do,

but something to serve,

something to practice


as you move through the day,

something to inform the way

you fold the sheets, you drive


to town, you attend the meeting,

you make the call, you write

the letter, you do what must be done.

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At the Candlelight Vigil




Mommy, she says,

her face still warm in candlelight,

why did you start to cry—

and I hear not just curiosity

but the itchy vest of embarrassment.


I don’t tell her

the math of the world

is just too sad,

perhaps I cry more

because for a moment I believe

the words I tell her—

it’s going to be okay.

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One Last Thing




Let us lace our words with light—

the fragrant light we carry in our flesh.


Even the darkest words can be said

with light, can be spoken with a seam


of radiance, spoken as if the whole world

depends on us finding that inner shine


and sharing it.

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All the Way Home



Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

—Helen Keller



Three days after

I think the world

is coming apart,

in the back seat

of the car

my daughter

is improvised

by a song—

I eavesdrop

as she mumbles


to an accidental


change is



is wonderful.

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