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In the bottom of my bottom drawer,

my swimming suit hides beneath t-shirts

and mini skirts, all of them wrinkled.

The bikini top strings are untied—

they snake around the dark space

like the sprouted eyes of potatoes.

All this waiting. Somewhere there is light.

The shape of the suit remembers

what it is like to hold things in

and keep things up. It remembers

the way the ocean waves tugged at its knots,

the gritty insistence of sand.

Outside, it is snowing again—

snow on the buds of the lilac tree,

snow on the first green of parsley.

Inside, there is this woman

who has stuffed things into dark corners.

I have nearly forgotten what it is

to be warm, warm enough

to wear next to nothing, warm enough

not to cover my heart with layer

after heavy layer. I am learning

how what is forgotten doesn’t really

go away. The shape of me

remembers how to pull my arms

through the water, how to tread

to stay on top. Outside, the sound

of the plow scrapes past. I am wondering

what else might be in that bottom drawer.

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On Emergence




In May I planted a whole row of beans

along the back fence of the garden,

pushed each of the small white seeds one inch

into the spring-damp soil. I waited weeks.

Not one came up. Not one.

I planted them again, planted them in twos

two inches apart. I waited weeks. Three

came up. There were over 100 seeds.

I am trying to tell you that sometimes

what we wish for does not happen.

Though we do everything by the rules.

Though we have known success before.

Though we long for our plans to take root,

to bloom, to fruit. Then all through the rows

emerged this spring dozens of volunteer cosmos.

This morning, a generous riot of pink, dark pink

and white fluttering in the spaces where

I’d envisioned only the green of beans.

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Mine Tour



We sat in the stope, a small room

chiseled and blasted into the stone

1,800 feet below the surface.

Imagine, he says, it is 1899.

First the guide turned out the light.

Then he blew out the candles.

As we sat in the dark, he told us

that only those with a good memory

of how they got in here

would make it back out alive.

Then he turned back on the light.


Sometimes in a darkness,

we feel ourselves trapped,

find ourselves unable

to grope our way back

to some beginning.

In our attempts to emerge

we become increasingly lost.


Sometimes in a darkness,

we come to believe it will always

be dark. How could we know

to hope that by some strange

luck or chance or change

a light might appear

so bright that we would never

again lose our way?



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One Sign




from empty branches

the orange breasted song of the oriole—

a leaf, straining against the bud scales,

this heart still in winter

begins to believe in green

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after looking long at Joseph Cornell’s Untitled assemblage (“The Hotel Eden”)

take the center
out of the spiral, it is
still a spiral


this list
of things to do—
not one word legible


after you set me free
holding my own leash
between my teeth


directions to Eden—
! but the starting point
has been rubbed away


inside a world
another world with another
world inside


waiting for the world to tip,
this motionless yellow ball


what if the frame
just fell off, how might we
see each other then


a jar full of unidentified things—
shall we open it?


so may places for the eye to land
so many places to gather dust
so little impulse to dust them


where would we be
without the diagonal—
one boring box after another


it will never fly away,
this green bird, still watching
the spring that will never
be sprung


perhaps this bird knows
what I have been trying to learn
there is nowhere
but here
to arrive

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Once upon a now
our story is being told

urgency and creativity
were not just
for 13.7 billion years ago

Every moment,
wordless poems spiral out
of each living and more than living thing

even silence

And how does it end?
Ask the cricket,
the priest, the night

the only answer:
I don’t know

How exciting!

*Emergence is a universal power that acknowledges how the universe is not just a place, it’s a story–irreversible and ongoing.

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