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Once again I’m weeping in the produce.
This time it’s the cauliflower that does it,
remembering how you and I were the only ones
who loved it. I’m thinking now of curried
cauliflower soup and how I no longer make it.
Thinking of all those nights we squeezed the lemon
into the bowls, made a yogurt swirl on top.
And next thing I know, I’m crying in the cracker aisle
because I’m not buying saltine crackers.
I hate saltine crackers. But you loved them.
You loved them and, oh, sweet boy,
I still love you and I want to put the damn box
in the cart, as if I could bring them home to you.
I don’t mind it, this ache, I don’t mind them,
these tears. Of course, it hurts to miss you.
Is it any wonder I shop at ten o’clock at night,
these empty aisles, these tears spilling down my face
as I walk past the cans of black bean soup,
the flats of fresh blackberries, so ripe, so sweet.

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