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Again, Again

On a day when the world
asks too much of me
and I don’t know how to give it,
I think of the squirrels
at the feeder when I was a girl.

Dad hung the feeder
on a squirrel-proof wire.
Dad set the feeder
on a squirrel-proof pole.
Squirrels found a way.

Surely there’s some squirrel in me,
some chattering tenacity,
some bushy tailed resolve.
If I can’t be courageous and brave,
then let me at least be stubborn.

Surely inside this aching heart
is a scamperer willing to try again,
to try again, to meet disappointment
and failure and exhaustion
and try again, again.

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just ask the bindweed—

the more someone tries to destroy it

the more vigorously it grows

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Even Tonight

In the dark window

twenty pale moths flutter and rise.

This is what moths

are made to do,

to fly toward what they want

and not give up.

In the kitchen light

I watch them crawl

across my reflection.

I imagine flying

toward my own light

and never giving up,

yes, burning all my

excuses, all my stories,

flying into that flame.

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