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Ode to Mowing the Lawn

Sometimes I mow from side to side,
sometimes from up to down
No one’s life depends on it.
The end product is not very different.
What matters is I notice I have a choice,
especially here where the stakes are low
so that when it matters more—
when in the balance are hearts and lives—
I remember there are many ways to “do it right.”
How do I do it, this act of loving you?
How do I do it, this forgiveness,
this surrender? And how will the path
I choose today change what is forever?
Oh this practice of pathmaking,
how sometimes it’s benign,
and sometimes it changes what’s here.
I push the mower through the grass this morning,
notice the record of how I’ve passed through.
I think of you. The scent of what if
hangs green and alive in the air.

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