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Sometimes I notice a sorrow in the soul
like a star that appears to hang in the sky
held in its course by immense gravity.
Like a star, the sorrow is always here,
it’s just I don’t always see it.
Is it strange, I love these clear nights
when the sorrow reveals itself.
And though I can’t name it, can’t track it,
can’t visit it, can’t touch it,
I know the sorrow the way I know any star—
by being still and offering it my attention.
Tears fall so quietly, so innocently.
They help me know it is here, this precious sorrow,
sorrow born of radiance, sorrow born of love.

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One Wonder

since that star slipped into my breath
everywhere I look
the miraculous

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It’s not the meteor shower
with its wild arcs of light
that unzip the velvet dark—
what moves me is the one star
that manages to shine
through the thick atmosphere,
a lone light in this giant dome,
not more than a speck,
yet it persists, constant.
There are many ways to shine,
it seems to say, its tiny glint
winking against midnight.
And the dark is deep and long.

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I don’t want us to be
like Jupiter and Saturn,
slowly moving toward each other
only to find ourselves
slowly moving further away.
When we conjoin,
let it be that we find
our paths not crossing
but merging, moving
us forever in the same direction,
our light uniting so brightly
others might imagine
it signifies a miracle—
and they will, of course,
be right.

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The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.

            —Joanna Macy



Give me a heart that breaks—

ears willing to hear the difficult news

and legs that do not choose to run from it.


Yes, give me a heart big enough

to accommodate a wrestling match inside,

a mind that knows no one wins a war,


hands that move to help no matter

what the mind might say.

Give me a heart that opens


long after it thinks it’s already open,

and lips that know when to listen.

Give me a heart that knows itself


as other hearts. Give me feet

that will stand when someone must stand

for justice. And a spine flexible enough


to turn and see all sides. Snow falls

on all my thoughts. It sometimes

takes a long time to melt, a long time


before I remember again to pray

to be open, to pray for a heart that breaks,

to notice the stars shining from the inside.


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While driving west
through the dark
toward home, she looks
out the window and says,
Hey, Mom, a wishing star,
and I fight the urge
to correct her and say,
It’s a planet. Instead,
I tell her, Tonight
there are unlimited
wishes. She is silent
for a long, long time,
and at last she says,
There, now that’s a good one.
Meantime, I find myself wishing
for the days when Vivian
took great delight in whispering
to me her wishes.

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In Silence Haiku

different wishes on
the same star

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