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One Impossible Hug

my arms still recall
the slender stem of your body—
oh, sweet empty circumference

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Twelve Seconds


It’s the time it takes
to sing up to “k.”
It’s two full cycles
of breath. It’s less time
than a red light, and nine
more seconds than it takes
for a cheetah to go from
zero to sixty.
It’s one fifth of a minute waltz.
It’s $4,629 more dollars
for Bill Gates.
And, my friend tells me,
it’s how long it takes
for a hug to stimulate
the vagus nerve and trigger
oxytocin, helping the heart
to slow down and the cortisol
levels to drop. All day,
I practice long embraces—
and while we hug
the earth rotates at least 5,520 meters
and the universe expands
over 816 kilometers.
All day, I notice
how darn good it feels.


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Being human. It’s not what we think it is.
—Jude Janett

Sometimes when we hug
I swear the strands
of our DNA come unspiraled
and wrap themselves
around each other
as if to embroider
into our memory
the truth of how I
am you and you
are me and this
perhaps explains
why long after
we untangle our arms
and scents from each other
I feel how
what’s deepest in you
unfurls in me.

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