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How do we deepen our relationship with the world?

Our survival depends on it.

The downfall of human society, said French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, will stem from our disconnect with the world around us. and Albert Einstein noted, “The field is the only reality.” Like the scientists, poets, too, have been exploring this concept for centuries. In this four-week playshop, we’ll read poems that create connections between outer landscapes (the world of experiences) and inner landscapes (the realm of emotions, ideas and questions). Then we’ll explore our own creative practice, building bridges of words between the self and others, self and the natural world, self and the divine and the self with the self. How might a poetic practice inform every part of our lives?  Students of all experience levels welcome–from first-time poets to Pulitzer Prize winners.

July 5
July 12
July 19
July 26

Hosted by One Spirit Learning Alliance, on Zoom. 5-7 p.m. mountain Time


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