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When the bridge is gone, the narrowest plank becomes precious.
—Hungarian Proverb

The bridge is gone, after all,
dismantled and then burned,

out of spite or for warmth,
I could not tell. Perhaps both.

I suppose that eventually
the termites would have gotten it.

Nothing lasts forever. I know that.
But I wish you had left

something more than a pile
of ash, some other way I might

cross over and meet you today.
As it is, the ravine is too deep

and steep to cross without a bridge,
and the ridge goes on in both directions

as far as I have ever walked.
Sometimes I imagine wings, but

we both know that is just imagining.
Perhaps if I look hard enough

around the site where we
constructed the bridge long ago,

I could find just one narrow plank.
Sometimes I forget the metaphors.

I practice just picking up the phone,
dialing your number, saying Hello.

But then I remember the curling smoke.
And I put down my ideas

and tell myself it’s better this way,
though already I have forgotten why.

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after the bridge
is burnt it doesn’t much matter,
the why


everything breaks
eventually and something
contains all this brokenness


there was never
a bridge anyway—it’s our own
charred flesh we smell

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