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Finding Her Spine




not just turning the pages

of her life to the next chapter,

but choosing to leap

out of the pages

into a new book

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Just One More Page




so eager to turn

the pages in my novel, I neglect

the pages of my life

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One Authority




even knowing what comes next

I choose to turn the page—

delight in being wrong

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One Getting Lost

all day turning the pages

of someone else’s life—

putting a bookmark in my own

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pages dog eared

and spine broken, this old book

holds no less wonder

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Rewrite the first chapter,

the one in which someone else

starts to tell your story.

Notice how when you erase it,

all the chapters after it

go blank. Fields of blank pages.

Skies of blank pages. Blank minutes,

blank days, blank years. Listen

for what’s left of your story—

nothing. Miss your friends.

Miss your mom. Miss your old house

and your problems. Go back

to chapter one. Rewrite it exactly

as it was written, but keep

the pen in your hand. You want

to be in charge of the story

from here on in.

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In the Book of Two

reading the afterward first—

still choosing to start with you

on page one

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How We Might Meet Each Other

consider me
your blank book,
write just a few
words on almost
every page
you can come back
to fill them in
any time
you want.

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Despite the fact
I know what comes
next, despite the fact
I have turned
this page before,
despite the fact
that I tell myself
I will not cry, I will
not cry, despite
the past dragged
up into this moment
like a featherless bird,
despite the sunlight
stretching across
the morning floor,
despite the whisper
that says it’s creepy,
and despite the fact
that it’s not my name,
not my story, not
my song running
so soon out of notes,
I still cry every time I read
those words again,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.

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rereading the book
of my days,
every page
I’ve dog eared
as one worth living

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