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And who could explain why tonight

a bowling alley opened up inside my heart

and an invisible hand kept sending the ball down


the lane and it was strike after strike after strike.

The gutters, so empty, decided to get up

and play, too, and we all drank a beer


and toasted to the way strange things happen.

Oddly enough, I was chopping carrots and kale

this whole time, and could not help myself


from feeling as if I should celebrate.

Outside, the tips of the mesas

were pink, fleeting, of course, but it left


an indelible stamp on me, and meanwhile,

as the yellow onions made me cry,

the sound of ten pins crashing down


came again and again

and again, and I just

couldn’t shake this feeling


that something wonderful was happening,

the scent of garlic filling the room, the sky

turning gray, turning black.




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