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Today it slipped into my daughter,

the seed that all is not right in the world.


In a matter of hours, already

the tap roots had grown beyond


my ability to pull them out.

I wonder if I have been wrong


to keep her garden so tidy.

I wonder how to best teach her


to tend her own rows.

It will be endless now,


the onslaught, as every gardener knows.

And there is some pleasure in tending.


I think of how I would rather

be aware of all that grows.


I think of how sometimes

we change our minds


about what is wanted

and what is a weed.


Some part of me longs

to swing the sun back to yesterday.


Some part of me rejoices

that now all the world


is her garden.

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One Stuck




unable to find

a door to escape, I close

my eyes and find

I am the door

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Step One

After dragging
those heavy things
on its back
for miles and miles
across the desert
at last the bird
looks up and says
something’s not
quite right about this

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Two Together

I want to write
my way out of this feeling.
The feeling wears its best leaden shoes.


Though she is a breath
made of stone, she notices
how yellow the jonquils.

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It was no wolf
in grandma’s kerchief
that tricked me,
but I thought
it was I who opened
every door, thinking
I knew what was
behind it. Now
I watch as doors
I never knew were there
open themselves,
come unhinged,
fall off.

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inside that sigh
migrate a thousand thousand


what’s quiet
is still quiet behind
the barking dog


I fall asleep
aware of part of me watching
the one who sleeps


these arms
not reaching
but waving


poor woman
stopping long enough to smell
the juniper berries
only because
she has to pee

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lugging a tree, I
try to walk through a gate the
shape of a woman


you gave me rings of
keys, but the one that fits my
cage is in my hand


tears and more tears,
this house built so close
to the water


walking beside the
river I notice the one
beside the river

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Dad, I'm So Glad You're Alive

evening news headline
Man Lucky To Be Alive
it is all of us


all this letting go,
said the hands, and nothing
to show for it


standing naked in
the downpour, the biggest part
of me does not get wet


I bet somewhere there’s
lively applause for all this
beauty we’re making


all those years holding
up a ceiling when it was
time to live outside


God said nothing
and I listened closer and
really heard nothing


your body,
there is not one hair that
isn’t holy


I keep no secrets,
the wind said, so no one can
ever blackmail me

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