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For hours we stand in the kitchen
and slice cucumbers, peel garlic,
prepare the brine. There is joy
in preserving what is wonderful,
in letting the self believe in a future
when we will pull the jar from the shelf
and remember what it was like
this summer day—as if we could also
fit into the jar the laughter, the pink
of the zinnias up to our waist,
the chickadee song and the warm,
warm nights. To be present
does not mean to ignore the future—
but oh, as we prepare, such joy
in singing along to an old favorite song
on the radio, scent of dill in the air,
summer still unfolding in the yard,
in the jars, in our joy.  

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Let the beauty we love be what we do.

Sometimes after blanching
the skin peels right off the peach.

It takes only a few minutes
for the naked fruit to glisten,

produce its own coat of sheen.
Slippery and lovely,

if you’ve ever held one,
they wear the same fire

as their skin. Some years,
there are no peaches. Frost

in the buds or the blossoms.
The orchard is a sad place, then.

But this peach, this Rosa,
lustrous and falling out of its skin,

was lucky as I am lucky tonight
to be alive, lucky to be turning the peach

in my hands, slicing into its flesh,
cleaving the halves from the dark red pit

with all the beauty I can muster.

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