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Stubborn is another word for it,
like water beaded on a leaf,
like red wine that clings to the side of a glass,
like milk poured just beyond the volume
of a cup that does not spill, rather
builds itself up. Surface tension, the scientists say,
is the force along a line of unit length, where
the force is parallel to the surface but perpendicular
to the line. But you and I, not trained
to speak of life this way, might call it
cohesion or contraction. Or stubbornness—
resistance to an external force. Like when
the missionaries come to knock. Like when
your lover says you’re wrong. Like how when we
feel the tears rising we hold them in, let them well
in our ducts and then pull them back.
Sometimes I wish I were better
at letting things in. Life resists that.

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