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They are old friends now, these songs,

these raps. I can sing along and snap


out the lyrics—and though there is joy

in fluency, I catch myself wishing


I could hear them all newly. I remember

the kick in the odd snooty king, the ache


in the song for a son who died young, the thrill

as Hamilton helps others rise, the chill


when Hamilton duels and dies.

Not that I don’t still cry every time—


I do—but it’s not the same as when it

was new. And it makes me wonder


how many more firsts there are

awaiting discovery. So much left


to find and uncover, every moment

blushing with potential, every


interaction the chance to unearth

more reasons, more ways to fall in love—


fall in love, perhaps with something new

in the same job, the same walk,


the same dish, the same song.






As a strange PS to this poem:


then tonight I stumbled on Joey who has is own You Tube channel, Joey Reacts, devoted to filming his reactions to music video he is seeing for the first time. What a strange concept! But sure enough, I watched him watch Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and part of me was so jealous, but part of me just delighted in watching someone experience it, the rapture, his speechlessness.

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