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also known as Johnny jump up, heart’s ease, heart’s delight, come and cuddle me



Into the shade by the porch

bloomed the first wild pansy,

its small yellow face sunny

and eager and open.


The Athenians used to make

the tiny flowers into syrup

to moderate anger and

to comfort and strengthen the heart.


And here it is today,

small volunteer beauty,

growing in this patch of dirt

where nothing else wants to grow.


This tiny garden is but one of many

concurrent realities—others involve

hospitals short of beds, loved ones

gone, doctors scared to go home.


Our hearts need strengthening.

Little violet, we’re learning, too,

how to be surrounded by death

and still rise up, bring healing as we bloom.

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One Inexplicable




midwinter storm

and between white drifts

this rose slowly opening

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Erika on the red mat
tucks her right foot in her groin
and bends forward from the waist

then lowers till she’s hovering
above her left tippy toes.
If you can’t follow

what I’m saying, that’s
because her body’s twisted,
furled and folded as a body seldom is.

But full of grace,
she brings her hands
to meet in prayer in front of her

and for a minute poises there,
a compact bulb with five small roots
and a patient shoot waiting

to push up and through.
It’s beautiful to stand beside
Erika on the red mat

to feel more than see
the rising energy as like
a tulip in the spring

she reaches not just up
but into the quiet balance point
where anything can happen.

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impossibly, there
is in me enough sky for
these great blue wings


in these dark halls
I wander the meadow
unfolding inside me


blossoming my


you look so funny said
the goose, as I lurched to
avoid the puddles


lost, at last
now I can get on
with my life

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we are like roses
in winter—we should not be
blooming but we are


when I don’t need the
storm, I fold it up and put
it in my pocket

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