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path through the jungle—

so much has to change

to stay the same




zipline so fast

even my shadow can’t find

a place to land




hanging bridges

above the deep chasms—

panic disguised as hope




a fourth star

in Orion’s belt—

in fact, a firefly




love starved—

instead of catching the bigger fish

eating the bait




dismantling the gate

at the chambers of the heart—

using the wood for a bridge




pouring out from the tree’s thorns

and army of fire ants—

nearby the ylang ylang spreads perfume





diving into the waves—

if only all chaos

had a trapdoor




beneath the waterfall

riding the rope swing, wondering—

does our joy release into the world?




meanwhile, in the rainforest,

the purple orchid peels back its petals,

reinvents opening




questions that start with why

are the hardest to answer—

the lizard walks on water




smaller than a thimble

this frog beside the river—

universe size, my wonder




this old oyster shell

worn by waves into a heart—

love this world, love this world




after two days,

the purple orchids are spent—

giving myself to the waves




the gray and brown wren—

its bright song a mailbox

red flag up




ten thousand times ten thousand

waves on the beach—

letting each one rename me




beside the great strangler fig

enjoying feeling small

in the big, big world






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