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She tried to fly

by catching moths

and tying their wings

to herself.


He tried to fly

by studying flight

as if reading

were enough.


But in their drive

to fly they both

lost sight of what

they had—


two legs that leap

and run and walk,

and kick and climb

and dance.

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One Set Up


before the lines are written

asking the players to go

on stage and shine


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these big shoes
though they have long been mine
they still don’t fit

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the wind blows
both ways at once
my thoughts, too


fingers covered
in syrup my daughter reaches
to hug me


me and the falling snow
both of us
shadowless today


crow in the empty
tree, it did not sing to me
like a crow


in evergreens
drifting snow and how can it be?
scent of lilac


rushing to dance
with the moon, I tripped
on my own wanting


January and I
recall over tea we forgot
to make resolutions

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