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Porphyry Basin

so oh slippery flesh song
of skinny oh dipping
into oh icy clear
of blue oh in the high
alpine lake, oh and oh
how the shiver oh
breath oh is oh
such wild thrill in the oh
can you oh even dream
of how good it is oh
to be oh just a few
more oh seconds
held by oh liquid snow
so oh yes so only
right oh here
and so oh yes so very
oh nakedly
yes oh alive

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I could tell you it doesn’t hurt, but

that’s a lie. Still, I choose

to dive into what’s frozen,


entering the cold with no armor.

Naked and alone. I could tell you

I want you to join me,


and that is partially true.

After the shock, the shudder,

the clench, we can stretch


our limbs on a warm flat rock

and let the sun write its blushing graffiti

across our skin.


It is not our toughness

that will save us here, but

our curiosity.


Let us not come for answers,

and if we find some, let’s not

fill our pockets. Let’s toss them


like stones into the lake,

and let’s not dive in after them

no matter how strong we are,


no matter how deep

the water, no matter

how clear.


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