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A Saint is someone who has become fully themselves and left a legacy of courage, compassion or creativity that has left a light to encourage us on our path.
            —Kayleen Asbo
If, as my friend suggests,
a saint is someone
who has become fully themselves,
who offers us a light on our path,
then you, Dad, are a saint.
Saint of fishermen who stand
in freezing rain. Saint of fathers
of daughters who want to be poets.
Saint of grandfathers
who listen to their grandchildren’s stories.
Saint of ice cream lovers.
Saint of men who remember
to bring their wives flowers.
Saint of cars with loud horns.
Saint of those who giggle till they cry.
Saint of rummage sales
and all who fix everything with duct tape.
And you are the saint of the ones
who are in terrible pain
and yet wake up each morning
and bring kindness.
And you are the saint of the ones
with fathers who were cruel
and did not pass on that cruelty.
And you are the saint
of fathers who coach wrestling
to their sons.
The saint of fathers who cry
at their daughter’s plays.
The saint of this woman
who loves you,
saint of this woman
still learning to pray.

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