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The Decision



choosing at last

to jump over the edge

only to land on another cliff

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It is deliberate work

thinning the carrots,

the fingers slowly traveling

the row. It is right

that it should be careful,

unweaving the slender

green stems, choosing

the sprouts that will stay,

tugging on the thin white threads

of roots that must go. It is right

that there is tenderness

in the hands as they do

what need be done,

though the work

is non-sentimental.

Where there are too many,

none will thrive.

There is room for this fact

in the gardener, though

it is easier, somehow,

to pretend that there

is no metaphor

worth noticing, just

the task at hand, giving

each carrot enough room

to grow. They’re just carrots.

It’s just a garden.


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