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Tonight while I am making paella,
my husband looks up from his book
and says, “Do you realize
we are made of more bacteria cells
than homo sapiens cells?”
The meaning of this is not lost on me.
It points to some truth that I long
to believe—that we are more other
than what we are. Which is to say
that this humanness is a glorious vessel,
what, with it’s ability to kiss and stretch
and lunge and leap, or for that matter
to skate ski through the meadow
as we did this morning, limbs akimbo,
as much flight as flesh, inhaling the mistaken
scent of spring … oh yes, the world was melting,
but the winter is not yet done.
I digress, which is surely more a homo sapiens
trait than one of bacteria. Though I do not know.
What I am trying to say is that there is less of us
than there appears to be. And more.
And all of it is utter miracle. Less
possible than ever to answer the question
who am I really. And more reason than ever to marvel.
That’s amazing, I tell him, as I crush
the red saffron threads in my fingers,
preparing to feed us all
the best that I can.

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