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It’s not that the northern flicker
is trying to harm the tree—
though it’s drilled hundreds of holes
and the trunk appears to have been hit
with hundreds of bullets
aimed in straight horizontal lines.
The holes are a sign that already
the tree was in distress. It is dying.
Its needles turning to rust.
I notice how I might like to blame
the bird. The bird is not to blame.
I might like to blame the bugs—
but they are doing their invertebrate
work, doing what larvae do.
Is their life a problem? Is my life
a problem? What else might I learn
from this dying tree?
This feasting bird? This grieving me?

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Sitting in this well
I dug myself,
I have enough time
to notice how
I managed to put
the shovel
in your hand

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The wind is cruel
and the heat is cruel
and the drought is pitiless.

It goes on this way.
These are no reasons
to hurt each other.

But we do.
Even the weeds
are blanched and brittle,

the stems dry as pencils,
and it is not yet
the last day of spring.

The fathers go on with their
The winter was cruel

and the cold was cruel
and the dark was merciless,
it bound us.

Always something
to blame. We could say
the scent of even

a few drops of rain
is generous. We could say
here is my hand.

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