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Boomerangs, of course,

as long as they’re thrown correctly.

Mail with not enough postage.

A genuine smile when walking

down the street. A voice in a canyon.

Summer. Shoulder pads. Scrunchies.

The Jedi. Love, but not always. A bad dream

right after the eyes are closed again.

A yo yo. A dog, most of the time.

Memories. A ball thrown at a wall.

Life, though often transformed.

And the same old mistakes,

yeah, those come back, too.

And this feeling that something,

something important, is missing.



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The bluebirds return.

It never occurs to me to chastise them for leaving.

It’s what they do.


All day, I think

of their shallow wing beats,

their slow flight,


their bright blue fluttering,

and how easily, how instantly yesly

my heart rises up to meet them.

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