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In a time of national crisis, what our country really needs is a good poem.

—Herbert Hoover


This is the time when we must say to the stranger,

the other, sit here. Notice how difficult it can be

to even come to the same table, how hard

to look the other in the eye. Something in us screams,

“Right, I am right.” And it is hard to hear the voice

beneath that scream, a whisper of a gospel that says

nothing at all.


This is the time when we must say to ourselves,

I am also the stranger, when we must look

in the mirror and not know who it is we see—

someone capable of being more courageous,

more compassionate, more devoted, more

astonishingly vulnerable and connected

than we ever knew ourselves to be. Who

is that stranger in the mirror, we must ask,

and vow to never let her down.


This is the time when we must write the poems

our country needs, the poem that builds the bridge

from truth to truth and never touches the river

of lies. The poem that allows our country

to fall in love with itself again, the poem

with enough places set at its table

that everyone knows they have a place to sit

and the rest of us know when that person is missing

because their chair is empty.


This is the time for the beauty that passes

all understanding, a testament of goodness

that cannot be contained, a congress of delight.

This is the time to pick up your pen

and with your most tender, beautiful self



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