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Memory of sitting by the river,
you taking my picture,
the leaves around us
already changing—
you were happy that day,
camera in hand,
no hint of sorrow,
no augury of grief.
Oh, that beautiful day.
I fold it in half,
run my finger down the crease,
unfold it, rotate it ninety degrees
and fold it in half again.
In six more steps,
I’ve folded it neatly into a boat.
Someday, perhaps,
I will float it down the river.
Today, I tuck it
into my mind’s back pocket.
When I need to, I touch it,
run my fingers along the folds.
It carries me along
the current.

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I folded myself

into an origami rose.

The heart, like paper,

never forgets

the ways it’s been touched.

The creases

are part of me now.

Still, I ask you

to unfold me—

to open and smooth me,

to new me, re-know me,

unlearn me and show me

what patient, loving

hands can do.

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square of blue sky
I fold it into a bird
in the pocket
above my heart
it flutters

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