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That’s Right




I’ve shown up naked

to tea. I know it’s not

the proper thing to do.

In fact, I am a bit surprised

myself to be wearing

nothing more than a pink scarf.

I was wearing more

when I left the house.

At least it is soft, the scarf,

and at least it is warm,

the tea. You don’t have

to pretend you don’t notice

and I’ll not pretend

either. No, let’s go on.

Yes, that’s right,

it’s a bit uncomfortable

I suppose, as all things are

at first. We’ll get used to it.

Who knows, maybe

by the time we pass the cream

you’ll have slipped off

your own button up shirt,

your embarrassment, your belt.

Maybe by the time

we get to the bottom

of our cups we’ll wonder

why we ever spent an afternoon

any other way.

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saying the words
I knew you did not
want to hear I tried
to shape my voice
like the flowers
we know will
come in more fully
only after the stem
has been

I forced myself
to keep my eyes

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Mommy, she says, walking up
to me and my son as we gesture

and guess and giggle,
Mommy, she says, I feel

like I want to hurt someone
right now. And she lays down

between my son and me, and
offers me her eyes. I think how

brave she is to identify
a feeling and stare it straight on.

It’s not hard to uncover
she feels left out of the game

and wants to join in. Oh give
me such candor, such willingness

to say what I mean and lay myself
down to rest in the middle of things

with such (one word, five syllables,
fifth syllable sounds like plea)


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