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First, she built a tower of blocks.

It fell down. She cried. She built

it again. It fell. You could have told

her then, Honey, it all falls down,

but no, you told her, Rebuild it.

She did. And it fell. Again.

It is hard to not want to rebuild things.

Towers. Marriages. Egos.

Careers. It is hard to stand

in the crumble of life

and not ache for repair.

Until it’s not hard anymore. Until

you feel the freedom

that comes from the mess.

She’ll go off to college,

get a mortgage, a job,

building it all like you told her.

Meanwhile, you’ll get out

your wrecking ball,

the sun hitting you

where that tower

used to stand.



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First, love builds
a house. It shields
you from rain.

It guards you
from wind. It
makes altars

for your most prized
possessions. Then,
and quite some time might pass,

love razes the house to the ground.
Tornado, perhaps, or
termites. It doesn’t much

matter how slow or fast.
It’s gone. The house
is gone. And then,

in the rubble, the silence,
the eternity
before you move

to refashion the scraps,
love whispers, and only
some will hear,

No darling, you
don’t need the house.
And then love is everywhere.

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