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Make the most of peace.
            —Holiday Mathis, horoscope February 9, 2021

This morning I wake to notice
that nothing hurts. I notice
I am warm beneath the comforter
and the air in the house is cool on my face
and the only sound is a chickadee at dawn
singing its two-note “sweetie” song.

There are mornings I wake already stunned
by the pain of the broken world,
but this morning, I lie for a while
in quiet and savor the thin trace of first light
as it develops grays in the room, savor
the rhythmic rise and fall of my own chest,
savor the feel of my palm on my belly,
welcome its slight weight, its small warmth.

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Think less: Trust your inner animal.
            —Holiday Mathis, Horoscopes by Holiday, December 19, 2020

It’s the chickadee
that saves me today.
Though the world
gets cold, the chickadee
stays. Despite snow.
Despite frost. Despite
lack of sun,
it doesn’t leave
the winter land.
Oh, tough little bird
who sticks around,
who thrives
in any weather—
whose cheerful tune
spirals like hope
through the frigid
folds of December
as if to say let it come.
I can sing through
Let it come.

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And so, although

there’s so much

work to do,

I step outside

and let February

have its way

with me—cold,

dusted with snow.

Hard to believe

anything can grow.

But singing high

in cottonwood trees

are the chickadees.


It’s not hard

to think, This

is the most

important thing I

can do today.

I think it

until I forget

to think it,

until I am

simply standing there

in winter air

pledging my ears

to the sound

of the birds—


such a simple

song. Funny no

part of me

longs for other

work. Funny how

soon it becomes


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Example Haiku

flat gray sky
the chickadee sings
no less brightly

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