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In the Look

A bunny knows when it’s being watched,
as if attention itself has a weight.
As if it feels my stare like a rush,
like a threatening hand, like a stroke.
But when I graze the bunny
with a brush of a glance
and with half-lidded eyes,
my body faintly angled to the side,
the bunny will bear
the gravity of my notice
and I may watch all I want
as it nibbles and twitches,
hops and rests.
And so it is I learn to meet my past
with a softened gaze, with gauzy eyes,
to meet a memory slant.
The memories let me linger now,
increasingly unskittish.
I do not try to touch them.
They multiply like rabbits.

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The orchid on the mantle
dropped a flower today.
Only one white flower now
on the tall twin stems,
it’s petals more droop than bloom.
But how did I not notice
both spikes have grown
new three-inch stems
with clusters of new buds
growing from them?
How often do I focus
on what’s dying and dead
instead of seeing what’s
thriving and madly alive?
Even though I was taking care
of this orchid every day,
I managed not to see.
World, I am wanting
to take off my blinders.
World, please keep teaching me.

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one leaf near the eye
covers an entire forest—
I begin to suspect
I have thousands of thoughts
like leaves

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Sometimes the only thing we see
when we look at each other

is the other’s eyes—not so much
their color, nor their shape,

but the way they soften, the way
they seem to say, “I see you, I see

all of you, and there is no reason
for you to hide.” And for us who have

spent so much time hiding,
it can be shocking to be seen.

In our dreams, perhaps, we
allow it. But to be seen awake,

to be seen when we are messy
and messier than that, to be seen

when we are tired and hurt
and not sure where we stand?

In that moment, to be seen
by eyes that say without a blink,

“Here I am,” that seeing is a window we
can climb right through and land

in a field of light. This is what
the soul remembers—how to love

without judgment, how to love without
should, how to live with the defenses

down. This is the gift we can
give to each other. This softening.

This tenderness. This allowing
each other to stop looking for a cure

for being who we are and to simply be
ourselves, masks off no matter what,

to know ourselves as love.

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Five on Seeing

Did you notice,
I say, the gorilla’s nose
is shaped like a heart?
Yes, she says, but my heart
is shaped like a fist.


Easy to see
I’m a wave in the water—
when I disappear
nothing essential
will be lost.


Harder to believe
nothing’s lost when my daughter
pulls the needle
out of my knitting
and the stitches fall off.


Ever notice
how hard it is to see eye
to eye when our
backs are toward
each other?


Solar eclipse
in Taurus and the window
between worlds opens—
eyes wide, advises my chart,
it’s a new day for your heart

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