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The News



Just as I had settled into doom,

I heard the wild call of the first geese of spring

come screeching through the window.


I leapt up like a woman desperate

for good news—leapt up and ran to the window

in time to see a pair land on the pond,


splashing against the water. They quieted

immediately after alighting. And then,

there was only the sound  of me watching them.


How graceful they were in the pond,

the water wrinkled behind them, as if their arrival

were the only news, the only news worth telling.


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Did Eve Feel This Way, Too?

I was a wilderness once.
I was howl and burrow
and shriek and claw.
I was moon and snow
on snow. Sometimes,
just before I set the alarm
I still can smell it,
the sharp gray scrape of sage,
the sweetness of trees
I never learned to name.

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