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A Passing Truce




Beside the fire, inside

the dark, and lost amidst

the tide of thoughts,

there is a momentary warmth

that steeps into our every inch

and make us doubt

that we could ever feel

sharp cold again—

the mind, thus warmed,

forgets to quarrel and simply

nestles closer—and the dark itself

comes nearer by and we

lean in together.

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Black Out



A blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything that is thrown into it.

            —Marcus Aurelius



Let me be fire.

Let everything

ignite me.

Let the whole world

be kindling.

I’ll take all fuel.

Let me flash.

Let me flare.

Let me make brightness.

Give me the dark.

Let me blaze there.

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Praise the tree as we throw

its branches into the fire,

the needles once green

now brilliant, now ash,

and praise the flames

that consume. Praise

the small hands that

toss the old boughs

and the squeals as the blaze

blazes higher. Praise

the empty space

in the room where all

we see is absence

of tree. Praise the darkness—

that canvas for light

that invites us

to find in ourselves

something to burn.

It’s a cold world.

What are we willing

to offer?

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In seasons of cold

when we can no longer

pretend it is warm,

when we can find

no fire to gather around,

it is then we notice

the invitation

not just to rise up

but to move

through the cold

and to find

in our own momentum

that inner fire,

a fire that outside forces

can never extinguish—


and though the darkness grows

in this season,

we grow, too,

our fires burning hotter,

more brightly,

the harder,

the stronger we go.

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One Not Quite Accident

years before the fire

the match in your thoughts—

what isn’t tinder

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One Inexplicable


years ago the wildfire—

this morning in my hair

faint scent of smoke

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Distracted by the Universe

in the vein of WCW

I’m sorry
I let the fire
go out.
It was so
So dark.

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Haiku to Prometheus

I too, stole fire.
I, too, waited daily
for the eagle.


Just one piece of sun.
That’s all I wanted. After all
everything is broken.


It did not look
like a gift, the devouring
from the inside out.


Only clay after all.
But we’re more than that.
Ask my liver.


It never once
looked over its shoulder.
Brown wings blocked the sun.


I’d almost say
I came to like it. Could you


Isn’t it funny
I can’t remember now
the color of the eyes.


Tonight so full
the moon. It can be so lovely,

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Vast though it is tanka

our fire may be small
but even
a small flame
holds back
the night

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Beside the fire
a man begins
a rhythmic
and another
man is roused
to song
and another
and another


I can’t say
where it comes from
the urge in me
to sing
I too
not a


but the shape
of song
that belongs
more to all
than any
one can

like how
seven sisters

*these 84s, 84-character poems, are part of a new series on synergy, the sixth power of the universe as outlined by Brian Swimme. It refers to a synergistic relationship that gives birth to causal factors in the universe that would not otherwise exist. It shows the ontological power of relationship.

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