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We become what we think about.       

  —Earl Nightingale

So let’s say I think of the Regent of Ridiculousness

who, both alluring and alliterative,

insists on eloping with elephants

and reading only far-fetched philosophers.

Such a Ridiculous Regent, perhaps does not exist,

except that I think about him, and so,

perhaps as Earl Nightingale suggest,

I become him, become an exuberant exhibitionist,

a giggling goof who spontaneously translates Transylvanian—

that’s Romanian. I’d write this all off as irrational,

except already I’m feeling rather regent-ish, certainly ridiculous,

and it’s only line twelve of the poem.

Imagine, dear reader, you, too,

are right now becoming ridiculous,

addicted to alliterative allusions. Sorry!

Tomorrow we might think more therious thoughts.

But for today, rollicking ridiculousness!

For today, suntem regenți ai ridicolului!

For today, may we be viscounts of vivacity,

prime ministers of playfulness, marquesses of mirth,

and duchesses of delight!

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That was the Halloween
when Superman decided
to dress up as me. He wore

a wig with long brown hair,
black yoga pants, black Dansko clogs,
a solid pink shirt and no makeup.

When he arrived at my door,
Trick or Treat, he said,
just like everyone else says,

and I had a hard time guessing
what he was. Um, a teacher?
He had ink stains on his fingers.

Nope, he said. A mom?
I was looking at the drool
stains on his shoulder

and the wrinkles under his eyes.
Kinda right, he said. Um, I give up,
I said. Who are you? He said, I’m the person

you most wish you could know.
Even after he told me,
I am still guessing.

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