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Hi poetry friends, we’re back from a couple of weeks in the sun. Here are some tropical haikulings from our travels …




no answers in the sunset—

watching it redden

I forget the question




a warm wind blows north

thoughts become clouds—

I chase their shadows




enormous spider!

or just a scrap of leaf—

the heart leaps just in case




years after the wreck

returning to the wreck

this time with anticipation




this body

a million million doors

all of them swung wide




the further I swim from shore

the clearer the ocean’s invitation—

keep swimming




on the heart’s cracking walls

such tender graffiti—

you were made to love like this




the surf and I reach

for the same pink shell—

all day we play for keeps




in white sand

my fingers trace vague outlines—

what is and what is not here




butterfly farm—

everywhere I look

life reinventing itself




diving into clear water

I change from swimmer to wave—

gentle communion




in the arms of dawn

waking to unfamiliar birdsong—

oh rising urge to sing a new song




white underfeathers

of the osprey soaring—

my heart comes out of hiding




with a drill sergeant voice

he clips out orders for meditation—

deep peace arrives right on time





this last piece of key lime pie—

still, we vote for who gets it




hold back, my friend says

but I fall relentlessly open—

red red hibiscus




after two weeks away

new birds outside my window—

or perhaps new ears

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