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cleaning off my shoes

before walking through the mud,

and Love says to me,

what? do you think

I am going to carry you?

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We are the only poets, and everyone else is prose.

—Emily Dickinson, in a letter to Susan Gilbert



It is perhaps an inner drum,

the meter of the soul

that sometimes finds a resonance

inside another’s halls—


an inner song, an inner scheme

that rhymes with someone else’s,

a dream that scans like heartbeats

inside the other’s pulse.


Yes in this world of counterfeit,

such thrill to find a poem

that redefines Circumference—

and curious, leads us home.





for more on the love letters and life-changing love of Emily Dickinson, read the fabulous Brain Pickings by Maria Popova,



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I wanted my love to avalanche,

and love said to me, be flake of snow,


I wanted my love to be tsunami,

and love said, be water in my glass.


Be crumb of bread, be scrap of cloth,

be ray instead of sun.


I wanted to be enormous.

Love said to me, be one.







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Love Poem



in the snowstorm

finding the spaces between the flakes

where it’s clear

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Dear Friends,

A week or so ago, I sent a poem titled Secret Agents, which outlined the story of a woman I have not yet met (Sherry Richert Belul) who sent me $5 in the mail as a reminder that abundance is everywhere. Since then, a small secret agent revolution has been happening, and Sherry and I have launched Secret Agents of Change!

On Feb. 17, Random Acts of Kindness Day, we will start our Secret Agent Challenge: Operation Love–seven days of simple “assignments” that spread secret joy, good-will and kindness in the world around you. Will you join us?

Here is a link to a video in which we talk about how we met through small acts of kindness and how we decided to create the Secret Agents of Change.

And here is a link to join our Facebook group, which is how we will be giving out the secret missions.

If you are eager to be part of the Secret Agent Challenge but don’t belong to Facebook, then email me. I am sure we can come up with some way to get you involved and in the loop! It’s a kindness revolution!



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Beneath wide bands of ice,

the river hides, barely visible,

but when we come closer,


we can hear how alive it is,

playful as ever, babbling, rippling.

And somewhere in and around the water,


the stonefly larva keep moving,

the midges produce their own antifreeze,

the damselfly eggs diapause,


all of them adept at surviving the cold.

There are times I have wondered

how love survives, even when


we starve it, freeze it, offer it nothing,

turn our attention the other way.

Perhaps it adapts, as macroinvertebrates do.


Or perhaps it is more like the river itself,

persistent, singing as it goes, making its own path,

and all we ever need do is meet it.

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It’s like just happening

to find in the drawer

the tiny screw that fits

in my glasses so the lens

won’t fall out, yes,

the fact that any of us

find each other and

happen to fit

into each other’s lives

at all seems shocking

when the drawer’s so big,

and after the discovery

so beautiful, so strange

how we never again

see the world

quite the same.


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we become what we love and yet remain ourselves.

Martin Heidegger



and this is how

the vessel learns

that though it’s full

there’s room for more—

those sides of us

we thought were walls

were well concealed




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Never Mind It Was a Dream




because when the wise old man said

that the loving itself

was all that mattered—

somehow, for that moment,

while his suggestion still hung

like perfume in the air,

all the stubborn queries

of how and why and when

that usually knock and crack

and rap and ring, they all laid down

to take a nap,

and in that fragrant silence,

what rose was the most

beautiful tenderness,

a shining faith,

how improbably it opened

like a stone turned iris,

like a bone blooming

into spring.

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wishing I could wrap

devotion, wishing you

could open it

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