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Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.




And so Socrates says, Enjoy yourself,

and I tattoo those two words

into my thoughts, but then, no matter

what the clock says, no matter

what the mirror says, no matter

what Socrates says, I tell myself,

I am right on time.

Like the moon, which this morning

still hangs in the west as the sky

all around it turns red.

The moon isn’t late, isn’t early,

isn’t anything but the moon doing

what the moon does. Do that,

I tell myself, staring at its light

as it drops through the rear view mirror,

at the same time keeping my eyes on the road.

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Not the custom leather cowboy boots,
not the Patagonia coat in blue,
not the earrings dripping with diamonds like lace,
not the rhinestone studded I-pod case.
Not the belt. Not the mug.
Not the Persian rug.
Not the doll. No tight jeans.
No figurines.
Like Socrates, I think it’s joy
to window shop—but not to buy.
The fun is in the strolling about
these things I’m happier without.

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