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I remember when everything was impossible.
Impossible to move. Impossible to not move.
Impossible to eat. Impossible to not eat.
Impossible to sleep. Impossible to wake.
Impossible to imagine a time
when everything wouldn’t be impossible.
Today I walk out into a world where,
at the same time, the sun shines brilliant
and snowflakes sift through the air.
When they touch my face, cold and soft,
it’s as if the god I am not sure I believe in
has used this moment as a chance
to brush impossibly delicate fingers
across my cheeks and whisper to me
in a voice I don’t hear, yet I hear perfectly,
everything is possible, sweetheart, everything.

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One Impossible Act?

falling from the high wire—
now’s a good time
to learn to fly

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Like the giant rock, balancing in the desert

on a slender pillar of sand. Like the way

the full moon seems so much larger

when it first rises. Like how the bluebird,

smaller than my open hand, migrates

up to two-thousand miles in the spring.


Every day, the world bewilders me,

as if daring me to believe in other

impossible things. Like how closeness

to death makes us more alive.

Like people all over the world

choosing kindness over chaos.

Like love, that against all odds,

continues to grow.

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Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

            —Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland



I put off breakfast for hours,

hoping it will allow more time

for impossible thoughts to come.


They trickle in: World peace.

Inner peace. Healing.

Pure love. An abundance


of unrestricted hours.

Then, stymied,  I put off lunch.

Put off snack. Just before dinner


I meet a sixth impossible thought:

accepting the world the way it is,

falling in love anyway.


Who wants to believe in that?

But acceptance shines

through the window like a full moon,


as if it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Eventually, the night is so bright

anything seems possible.

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There are no barriers for a person with talent and love towards work.

            —Ludwig van Beethoven



Everyone knows Beethoven

went deaf, could hardly hear

by the time he composed

the Moonlight Sonata.

I think of him sometimes

when I want to believe

in impossible things.

Like great harmony

born out of dead silence.

Like love in full bloom

despite drought.

Like finding a pocket in time.

Like hope, growing like mint.

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Before the Eggs


Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

            —Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland



Eyes barely open, and it doesn’t even occur to me

that anything is wrong in the world. After all,

I am warm and no one is crying. There are no

gunshots, no bombshells, no one kicking at the door.

No one shouts, no one threatens, no one steals.

I’ve yet to read the headlines, yet to remember

yesterday. For a moment, there’s no hitch in my breath,

no stab in the heart. It’s only the beginnings

of a very blue sky and the sound of the dawn chorus

in the nearby tree, though the more I listen,

the more their song sounds like “Me, too. Me, too.”

And somehow, at least for a moment before I rise

to wash my face, before I look in the mirror,

I still believe everything is going to be okay.

And sometimes, despite everything I hear,

despite feeling it fall away, the feeling stays.

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