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*How I let myself be carried
for over eight years through rows of peaches,
into playgrounds and preschools
hotel rooms and cars.
*How almost seventeen years
I let myself be drooled on
and scrunched up, sat on, and tossed.
*How I went weeks,
sometimes months,
without being washed.
*How once I was left behind
and thought I’d be lost forever.
*How later, the boy would spread me
across his pillow, carefully tucking
my ends underneath.
*How some nights
when he thought no one else could hear,
he’d cry, and I would hold his tears.
*How I watched as they took almost all
his other things from his room and gave them away.
*How I sat, patiently, on the boy’s mother’s shelf,
for six months without touch.
*How, one day, when the mother
began sleeping with me herself,
I molded myself to her cheek.
*How I received her tears.
*How I tried to summon
his scent for her nose.
*How I let her think it was her holding me
when it was I who was holding her.

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