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When You Get Out of Bed

Your body, of course
I love that, too, but
such sweetness comes
in rolling over to your side
of the bed and nesting there
while your warmth
still lingers—
I stretch a leg
into the Arctic regions
of the sheets where
your body hasn’t been
and recoil.
That’s nowhere
I want to go.
I curl myself
back into the space
where I know
you will return,
folding my body
like a letter
waiting for you
to open it.

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I was nodding, smiling,
saying mmm hmmm

whenever she paused.
She went on. I nodded.

She went on. And on.
The sun came in the window

and reminded me of the way
you said that when you made

our bed this morning, later
than usual, you noticed

how our bed bathes in the sun
all day when we are not at home,

and how by night we sleep
in the accumulated light.

You know, she said.
Mmm hmm, I said. I know.

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