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And So Live

at the splitting of paths
there is no sign

or die

tough choice
till we realize
we must do both

*This is the first in a series of 84-character poems about transmutation, Brian Swimme’s seventh power of the universe. In EnlightenNext, he writes, “This is the way in which the universe sometimes insists that something new come forth. … When Earth finally emerged and brought forth bacteria, why didn’t the universe just call it a day? Isn’t it enough that tiny pieces of Earth jump with life? Apparently not. Our universe is a self-transcending community of beings, and transcendence is often a necessity.”

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But Not Quite

a day this blue
how worlds
break violently

solar systems
this heart

*This poem is part of another 84 series (poems with 84 characters) exploring Brian Swimme’s powers of the universe, this time focusing on cataclysm, which refers to the way the universe necessarily destroys some of its structures allowing for “ongoing vibrant creativity to continue.” The 11 powers are outlined in EnlightenNext, Issue 47. The 84s are the brainchild of Barry Spacks, who corresponds with me back and forth in 84-character poems.

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