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staring at the moon

until it becomes a door

I walk through

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Everything’s a gong now—

the clang of the spoon in the mixing bowl,

the growl of the water rushing in the pipes,

the ding of the microwave’s timer,

the crow—

what isn’t an invitation to show up,

to offer the moment all our attention—

scent of pizza, barking dog, lawn mower,

sweet rose tea, that voice in my head,

the chime of the changing light.


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it’s not that I’ve never

seen a walking stick,

more that I’ve never noticed

I’ve seen a walking stick—

this rising urge to watch you

tie your shoes, hold a pen,

light a fire.

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did it just start to
sing, that brown bird, or did I
just start to listen?


a night of fretting,
but the day comes in with a


that letter so much
more precious now that I
have lost it


once I took all the
books off the shelves, God arrived
with a blank page


the leaf just
a leaf


no pillow tonight!
the poem just grabbed a drum
and crooked its finger


but I don’t know how
to fly, I said, and God said,
start by falling


still cupped in my hands
this song hummed to me
seven years ago

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