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            after an hour of yoga with Erika Moss
Curled on the earth
like a small animal,
I bury my nose in the grass
and breathe in the surprising sweetness
of spring green and purple bloom
and soil still damp from last night’s rain,
and though my eyes are closed
the desert sun enters anyway,
infusing my inner world
with radiance, with red.
There are so many ways
I work to hold myself up,
but in this soft moment,
I notice how nothing
is asked of me and how,
when I am still,
the world I might ignore
invites itself in.
There is such a thing,
says my friend,
as the back of the heart.
It is, she says, like the dark side
of the moon.
I honor that dark side,
that quiet, shadowy terrain
that is no less necessary,
no less true for being dim.
There will be a time to unfurl,
to open, to shine, to rise,
but in this charmed interval,
I sink deeper, deeper
into what is cool,
what is quiet,
what is beyond my knowing.
The interval builds a nest around me.
I do nothing and feel
how I am held.

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my hammer, my nails
what good are they now
the whole roof collapsed


doe in the meadow
my thoughts in the meadow
one of these is quiet


so much to learn
not knowing


not by the shoulders
but by the soul
life shakes me


hands bloody
tearing down a wall
that isn’t even there


doe in the meadow
my thoughts in the meadow
one of these is quiet


at the same time
the tree grows
toward darkness, toward light


so open my hands
not holding
my hammer, my nails


surrounded by rubble
still I beg Love, keep having
your way with me

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