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The kingfisher wakes me

with its strident rattle,

thrilling me out of sleep.

It’s been months since

I’ve seen one, and now

on this snowy morning

one clatters and chatters

me into spring.


The heart leaps up,

surprised it doesn’t

have wings. I’m here,

it beats, its own tuneless call.

Like the kingfisher, it’s ready

to dive into the deep.

I’m here, it calls again

from inner branches.


It need not be beautiful,

the song that reminds us

who we are—it calls to us

in its own undecipherable way

until one day when we hear it,

we can’t help but hear

our own name.


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Live in the present. Do the things that need to be done. Do all the good you can each day. The future will unfold.
-Peace Pilgrim

Again the invitation
to meet the world just as it is
and fall in love.

To let the body weep
if it wants to weep.
To let the voice sing

because the song rises up
and says sing.
It does not matter

who is watching.
See the kingfisher, how he does not hesitate
before diving headlong

into the pond.
Love like that.
Do it now.

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