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What happened to my inner fool?
So serious—as if she forgot how
to joke, how to tease, how
to fall down and come up laughing.
Just today she wore a prune face
for real. She slapped at any hand
that would tickle her. I keep waiting
for her to crack a grin and say,
Fooled you. I remember the jingle
of the bells on her hat, spontaneous
music, the sound so bright my heart
sat up like a good dog, each tinkling
a bell calling me home.  

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One Combustible



wearing my best

white paper gloves

to play with fire

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The fool, with all his other faults, has this also, he is always getting ready to live.




Then let me be the other kind of fool,

the fool who lives too much,

the fool who jumps in

before the water is in the pool

and ends up running instead

of treading water,

the fool who loves wholly before

she is certain that her heart will not break.

Let me be the fool who wakes

at 5:30 to start the day in the generous dark

and goes to sleep after midnight

so as to play with all the shades of the day.

Let other fools be the infinite planners,

the perfection engineers, and let me

be the fool who leaves the house

in such enthusiasm to play

that I leave behind the things I think I need.

It is foolish, perhaps, to wish

to be a fool. Yes, just be. Just be.

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One Casting


I must be a fool missing this life, if I don’t cast my mind in the fire of love.




the flames, they wink,

though there’s no need to seduce—

this body ablaze throws my mind in


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One Self Portrait




the house on fire

and me still trying

to get all the beds made




One Grace


what is the next step—

letting myself not know

until I am stepping





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reading the same book
somehow certain that this time it
will end happily

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