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After the heart broke like a porcelain bowl,
when it shattered in pieces, scattered,
life itself reassembled the shards.
Friends bring their melted gold
to seal the bits together again.
I trace my fingers across the shining scars.
Some pieces will be missing forever.
Let me fall in love with what has been broken.
Let me dare to call it beautiful.

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Exactly what do you want me to do

with this, the shoe man says. I work with soles.

Well yes, I say, but I could really use

a recondition—and I read about

your gentle cleaning process that helps strip

away the dirt accumulated over

time, and how your Top-Coat Prime Refinish

makes what’s old look new and feel good

again. Oh lady, says the cobbler, I

am sorry. Look, your shoes are scuffed a little,

I can shine them up, but I can’t do

a thing about your heart. He looks me in

the eye the way that only other broken

hearts can look. I do not start to cry,

but I think he can gather by the way

that I stare blankly at the floor just how

plum desperate I’ve become. Some things, he says,

work better when they’re broken. Then he’s off

to use his polish, glue and rags, to fix

the things that can be fixed.

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