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via Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer Reads May Swenson


Friends, I’m excited about this chance to gush about one of my favorite writers, May Swenson, on Sundress, one of the best poetry blogs on the net!! There are two recordings of me reading  her work, then you can read add I totally geek out on her masterful use of meter and internal rhyme and metaphor…. I hope you fall as in love with her work as I am.

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Swell, stutter,
tremble, flutter,
stumble, grasp, contract,

waddle, falter,
rise up, wither
wander, linger, gasp,

squat, break,
spread, quake,
writhe, clench, fall, breathe, groan,

wrestle, shake,
push, unmake,
release, arch, push, hum, moan,

shudder, sweat,
quiver, let,
crown, push, open, tear,

cradle, hum
unfold, undone,
stare, wonder, weep, revere.

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I say later,
she says now.
I say, do it,
she says how.
I say hurry,
she plays slow.
I say stop,
she says no.
I say wait,
she says why.
I say share,
she says mine.
I say sleep,
she says play.
Another night
Another day.

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